[Spoilers] Vampire Diaries S07E20 Review: “Kill’em All “

Matt and Stefan try to sort out their misunderstandings while on their vampire killing spree. Bonnie opens the mysterious door in the armory but seals the whole building with some unlucky people inside. Does this mean we will never find out what was inside or maybe we’ll find out in the next episode.


Rayna transfers her life to Bonnie  but along with the vampire hunting stuff. At this point nothing that happens in TVD surprises me but does that mean Bonnie is no longer a witch? Aww… so much for the Bonnie and Enzo love. That probably  won’t go so well now. But I can see a Rayna-like Bonnie hunting vampires, she’s already angry most of the time and already kills vampires.


There are rumors the next season will be the last, I actually wish this was the last season because it feels like they don’t have much to offer or they’ve done everything good they can think of. I am just watching because of cocky Damon.


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