[Spoilers] The Catch S01E06 Review: “The Benefactor”


When I first heard about the series I though Alice was a smart woman but what kind of investigator wears stolen property to work without finding out whom it belonged to.



Alice pretends to work with Dao and Valerie to catch Christopher. I think they’ll find out much later Alice is not completely on their side. I don’t blame her you don’t always choose who you love. I wonder whose side Alice will be on in the next episode it doesn’t look like she or the writers have agreed yet and her mission changes every episode.


On the other hand, the benefactor, Margot’s brother seems interesting only because of what is he going to do Alice. This should be more exciting than “I want to catch my lying fiance.”.I just feel sad about him killing the thief girl out of jealousy. He really is trigger happy and comes off as childish or should i say boyish. I don’t like his character but I need a break from the FBI vs Christopher Hall.


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