[Spoilers] The Blacklist S03E20 Review: “The Artax Network”

The team bury Liz and investigate who was behind Liz’s death while Reddington seeks comfort with someone who appears to be Liz’s grandfather. This man is one of the very few people Reddington respects, so how did they meet. Since the man referred to Liz’s mom as his daughter, I suppose he is Red’s dad *they didn’t really relate like father-son or mention it* or Red was married at one point to Liz’s mum or he is a family friend.  When will the writers tell us the real relationship between Liz and Reddington!


Aram tried to convince Red to come back to the FBI. So sad, Liz was really the one that kept all of them together.


Tom is back working with Harold.The team finds a woman that they suspect to be Liz’s mother. But the way the father spoke to Red sounded like she’s really dead. All these mysteries! I can’t wait to watch the next episode. Team Blacklist will use them to keep us watching.


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