[Spoilers] Scandal S05E20 Review: “Buckle Up”

First of all, I do not understand Sally Langston purpose in the series anymore. Can’t they just say “Previously on Scandal” as she’s just giving summaries or pretending to be righteous as her character is completely hypocritical.


Abby and Liv continue their rivalry which depicts Abby as an infuriating wannabe and right now, I have no love left for her. She should just retire. But something good came from their fight,  Fitz and Mellie had a civilized conversation without yelling or smiling while yelling. Additionally, they talk about Liv like she’s their troubled daughter. I never saw that coming. Their complex relationship has evolved to “somewhat amicable” acquaintances.


I am now officially calling Liv crazy after this moment and suggest she goes for therapy.


I know Susan is mad at David, but in his defense, he came clean and is pretending to her boyfriend don’t you think he deserves a space on the opposite side of the huge bed or the couch at least?


Cyrus manipulatively kicks the Vargas brother out of the campaign but I hope he’s not gone permanently as he’s the most interesting new character. However this leads to Cyrus’s hubby Micheal to kidnap his daughter. That should be fun. I didn’t know Micheal had the guts for that kind of scheming.


Till next week!



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