[Spoilers]Empire So2E15 Review: More Than Kin

The Lyons are back to scheming and pretending to be united to the public as usual. Self righteous Anika had a health issue and all i could think of was “Please mistakenly confess you’re a baby murderer!” I plan on giving up hope on that particular truth coming out. Maybe the writers will expose that when they can’t think of more family schemes. The Empire board want Lucious and Cookie to be co-ceo’s! For the first time I think Lucious is going to kill her. I mean the guy can’t share anything even with his children. Good luck Cookie. This is the most exciting thing so far. I mean its usually Cookie and Lucious working on opposite sides or together but this time they are on the same team except Lucious just thinks she’s trying to take what is his. Oh who knew a convicted felon could run the Empire. Anyway I love Cookie she does her best to keep her men…no boys together.


Lucious finally broke it off with Harper.*yay!* She really is an annoying character. With her vengeful spirit Andre finds out his grandma is alive. This part is confusing. Did Lucious lie about his mum killing herself, and if he did does that mean he ran away from home, but that  still doesn’t really explain Thirsty’s knowledge of her. Till next week then.



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