[Spoiler]Arrow S04E19 Review: “Canary Cry”

This episode showed team arrow and Captain Lance struggle with Laurel’s death. If this happened in season 1, I wouldn’t have been this sad. Her character really grew and developed into a useful member of the team. It feels weird that a main cast is dying, it has been a long time since the arrow writers killed off a main character. Now that they’ve shown us the complete burial scene, I hope they can stop the flash forward scenes because those island scenes are enough. On second thought, i prefer the flash forwards to the flash backs. Oliver announced that Laurel was the black canary during Laurel’s eulogy, doesn’t that mean that anyone can now figure out the rest of team arrow’s identities.


I cannot wait for Damien Darhk and his wife to die, who is more annoying husband or wife? It could be worse because Slade Wilson was very very scary. Oh and Barry zoomed off, I’m not sure of the time line of flash and arrow but does that mean he go his powers back or this was before he gave up his powers.




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