[Spoilers]Scorpion season finale Review: Toby or Not Toby

In the previous Toby had been kidnapped by Mark. Luckily it didn’t take long for team scorpion to find out.  The team does their regular genius stuff to find and free Toby but there were funny or memorable moments like”

#1:   Walter loses focus when he hears  Paige say “I’m just sore from you laying on top of me” to Tim. At least he didn’t fall.


#2: Toby still purposes and Happy tells him she’s already married. Who do you think she’s married to. I’m guessing Mark the evil genius or Mark knows the person because he told Toby she would reject his proposal. *I knew she would say no though*


#3: Toby analyses Walter’s love live and Walter realises he’s a moron and rushes to tell Paige he loves her. Hmm.. I’m not sure that’s going to go well as she’s on her way to spend the weekend with Tim.


For all scorpion lovers out there, it has been renewed for a third season. Hope you enjoyed this season. Personally I can’t remember much but the best thing this season was Happy and Toby getting together though. And I liked that Tim somehow helped Walter realise he’s in love with Paige. Well till next season then.


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