[Spoilers] Lucifer season finale: Take Me Back to Hell

When I heard about this series, I thought it would be more of supernatural but it turned out to be more of a police drama and I like that it was 13 episodes in a season as most of these series become tiring. So good news Malcolm is finally dead! After causing so much havoc. And better news Lucifer prayed or modestly put, he talked to his dad. Well love makes us try new things.


Although there was more of detective work in tracking down Malcolm, I got to see strange and amusing collaborations like Chloe with Maz and  Amenadiel with Lucifer .


Anyway it was interesting to watch and the series has been renewed for a second season which we’ll get to meet Amenadiel and Lucifer’s mum. I just hope she’ll be as interesting as Lucifer if not  they’ll just have to make Lucifer and Chloe’s crime cases worth watching.



One thought on “[Spoilers] Lucifer season finale: Take Me Back to Hell

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