Vampire Diaries S07E19 Review: Somebody I Used to Know

Sometimes… okay most times I feel TVD writers don’t know what story to write or they think the viewers can’t remember somethings, which is true because so much happens and we forget or stop watching for a while. Enzo and Damon try to make a deal with Rayna: Kill my vampires for me and I’ll give Bonnie my last life.That just sounds like, Bonnie is a main cast who can she exchange lives with? But I thought most of the vampires were stuck in human corpses, why are there so many vampire corpses nearby.


Anyway I spent most of the episode wondering why they needed to show us how Bonnie and Enzo fell in love and trying to figure out Bonnie and Damon’s relationship. They must have formed a weird bond when they were stuck in that witch prison * I actually thought they’d get together then*


Meanwhile Stefan is hanging around Alaric waiting for Caroline to come back. Selfish Stefan she has kids to take care of. Just because you realize she’s the one true love *out of the many* doesn’t mean she should drop everything. I am rooting for you Stefan but I don’t think you’ve worked out how the children will fit into your plans yet. Oh who knew Alaric and Stefan would fight over a girl.


Until the next episode then!


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