The Catch S01E05 Review: The Laragan Gambit

It looks like the writers have chosen the direction of Alice’s role, which is to get revenge for what Christopher did to her. I understand she’s mad but keeping stolen goods won’t help her and shouldn’t a security expert know better. I was really beginning to enjoy her and Christopher making time to see each other *I have a weakness for love stories* Well one good thing is Val knows at least some of what her best friend is doing. I understand the plot is built around her being duped by Christopher but will that be the only thing happening this season and the next one. It almost looks like the writers are trying different angles out to see which works best. First she tries to find him by herself, then she works with the FBI to catch him, now she’s trying to dupe him. What will she do next?However, it was good to see Valerie’s skills as a pickpocket and a flirt. I really like her. She put Agent Dao in his place,



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