Empire s02e14 Review: Time Shall Unfold

Honestly, I am not really enjoying this season of Empire. Andre is back on his father’s good graces, that didn’t take long at all. To me he’s the son that wants his dad’s approval the most and it is so sad that as smart as he is, he doesn’t want to stand on his own. Well now he has gone back to scheming against his brothers *why doesn’t anyone ever find out when his schemes #daddy’s boy* When is Rhonda going to figure out she was pushed *Please figure it out, its the only thing i’m looking forward to* It doesn’t look like she’ll ever figure it out, she’s too busy planning with Andre to jeopardize his brothers. Andre is becoming like his father, is this the kind of father he would be. I hope he remembers that Lucious already told him once he will never be CEO of empire. At least Jamal and Hakeem are better brothers to each other.







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