The Flash S02e18 Review: Versus Zoom

Barry, Barry, Barry, one of this days you will come up with a plan that will work and not put you in danger. Zoom has now has Barry’s speed and Caitlin for that matter (aha! I knew he cared hope he doesn’t kill her). Honestly I’m not too bothered about Barry losing his speed, he’ll get back eventually. I guess they just needed a win for Zoom so he can go back to being scary. I only feel bad for Wally *they should tell him the truth* What do you think Zoom will do with his new powers *I think the guy in the mask is Zoom’s father* I can’t wait for the next episode, I think we’ll see cranky and angry or sad Barry. Maybe Iris will get him through this. Hmm…it’ll probably be Joe.


On the other hand Iris is finally admitting to herself she likes Barry seems like she’ll have to do the chasing this time around,I am not sure he’s ready for a new relationship, he’s so focused on work (Zoom), do you think he’s over Patty.



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