Lucifer s01e12 Review: TeamLucifer

Lucifer, Chloe, Malcolm and Hubby work on a set of killings in Lucifer’s name (why are those two detectives working on this case?). I didn’t see them using Malcolm’s character that much, he has framed Lucifer for a murder *I wonder how long that will last* I can’t wait for Malcolm’s character’s exit, he was better in a coma. I don’t think he’s that smart to pull all what he did off. Because he’s dumb enough to think he can get Lucifer out of the way, he’ll still end up in hell and even if  he uses the coin where will he end up. And how will he take the coin with him when he dies (Let’s not forget he thought committing murder will free him from hell). Well I can’t wait for the next episode.



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