Scorpion s02E23 Review:”Chernobyl Intentions”

The team was on their regular government contract mission with the normal chain of event occurrence until the end of the episode; Walter tried to ask Paige out but chickened out and pretended the ticket he had was for her and Tim *I think Paige will have to ask him out if they’re going to ever make progress or…he’ll ask her out with a computer program or while they’re about to die as usual during their missions and he will put it in a scientific way.*


On the other hand, something that made me jump (Not their “we will never get out of here alive” moments). Mark the former scorpion member kidnapped Toby just after he picked up Happy’s weird looking ring *hope she likes it and will say yes. And how long do you think it’ll take the team to figure out he’s missing? Well the next episode should be fun I hope: geniuses vs genius (I hope I won’t be disappointed I don’t like the Mark guy he’s just an angry noise maker)



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