Quantico s01e18 Review: “Soon”

Highlights: The NATs assignment is to vet trainees who were flagged in the process of a security clearance application. Miranda tries to blackmail Liam to get her job back. As usual this episode is not without Alex whining to Ryan about Perales being flagged *I’m tired of her complaining whenever school doesn’t go her way* Iris accidentally compromises Will’s mission in Caleb’s cult which leads to Caleb going to the cult to try to rescue him *okay, i don’t know if Caleb is on the cult’s side or FBI’s* Would he have killed Will to still stay in the cult.

12p2sq (1)

In the present time Alex asks one of the Amin twins for help which leads her to find Caleb. It doesn’t look like Caleb is on her side though with two identities and all. I’m not so sure he’s the bad guy or the only one in the bureau, well unless they shows us how it happened. Do you think he and Shelby are behind it or is it that he’s the mastermind behind it all?


Anyway, if Alex solves this case, what will be the story-line for season two, they can’t be trainees forever.


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