The Originals s03e18 Review: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

Highlights: Lucien captures Klaus, Aurora holds Klaus hostage while Lucien tries to kill Elijah on Aurora’s behalf (because her brother is still drowning somewhere*i don’t care*). I spent most of the episode rolling my eyes because of Lucien and Aurora’s annoying monologues (I’m sure Klaus and Elijah weren’t listening contently)


Elijah,Freya and Hayley show us that they can still out smart they’re enemy even if he’s more powerful, however, the ancestors still free Lucien from the magical trap, hmm, it just seems like the ancestors can do anything. How is that possible though, plus i thought the other-side was destroyed*i am not sure I understand*


Anyway, Aurora is being held by the Mikaelsons because she has taken the potion at least they  have one win. Kohl tries to leave New Orleans but the ancestors made sure he can’t leave (he is probably running around killing people). It seems like the witch ancestors are the major villains this time, I just don’t understand where they’re are coming from. It’s like they were asleep and have decided to wake up or maybe the writers couldn’t find better antagonists. Oh and why do Aurora and Lucien have British accent if they were born in France!

Oh I almost forgot, Lucien learns Aurora doesn’t care for him and he angrily goes to bite Cami. I just don’t feel she’ll die yet. What do you guys think?12m2bs.gif



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