The Vampire Diaries S07e18: One way or Another Review

Highlights: Valerie, Damon and Alaric put Stefan back in his body *yay!* Enzo kidnaps Rayna Cruz and Bonnie finds out she’s dying and Damon tries to make amends with Bonnie*at least he didn’t go empty handed*


Valerie breaks up with Stefan because she realizes she loves him more*Uh oh! trouble is coming to Alaric household, I’m not so sure Caroline will take Stefan back, she loves those kids so much* And I really liked Valerie, so sad to see her go. Bonnie finds out the armory wants to use her to unlock a vault *definitely something bad, but hope it’s interesting and not like the Silas story. Damon tries to entice Alaric with the vampire lifestyle but he’s happy with his family.


I wonder what’s going to be in the season finale, seems all their problems have been solved. But won’t it be weird TVD is three years ahead of the originals. So much has happened this season, I almost forgot Mrs Salvatore stopped by, who knows maybe Papa Salvatore will be next. Not bad for an Elenaless season, I’m glad there isn’t another doppelganger.*wait! Rayna was supposed to be one i guess.



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