Empire S02e13 Review: The Tameness of a Wolf

Highlights: Cookie’s birthday is coming up, the children are angry with Lucious, Lucious gets emotional over his video shoot.

12ic9y (1)

Lucious feels vulnerable about his past and is distracted during his new video shoot. Thank goodness he has Cookie to see him through the painful memories. I understand why Lucious is a bad father, he hasn’t worked out the trauma he went through as a boy* Hakeem is having woman issues,  Tiana and Laura are fighting about the tour.*I’m really proud of him, he handled them without any fights he’s growing* He also meets Laura’s family and realizes there are some families aren’t as crazy as his.Oh and he proposes to Laura.


Cookie almost has a family-fight free birthday, until Andre found out the bipolar thing is from Lucious side of the family. And instead of Lucious to own up to it he makes the situation worse* isn’t this the first time Andre is fighting with his dad*


Rhonda calls Anika for a ride after the family drama.*please figure out that she pushed you, please!* I just feel Andre’s pain, I guess its his turn for “my dad is evil”. Well I look forward to Freda finding out Lucious and Cookie killed her dad, Hakeem having a wife and an Andre who doesn’t care about his dad.



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