Legends of Tomorrow S01E11: The Magnificent Eight Review

Highlights: The team decides to hide in the 19th century because some hunters are after them and the wild west happens to be a fantasy come true for Ray Palmer. vlcsnap-2016-04-13-13h41m19s66

Moving on, it takes the team less that 2 minutes to get into trouble. They see how the town is defenseless and decides to stay. The sheriff decides to runaway and makes  the first person he sees sheriff and that happens to be Ray.


Kendra  runs into a past life of hers and tells her Carter is the only stable love she’ll ever have*sad* But she finds a lead on a weapon that can be used on Vandal Savage.


Anyway they save the town, the hunters come for them, they defeat the hunters but the time masters are sending someone  kill their younger selves. I think they should just start time travelling and save people’s lives because at this rate they will never put a stop or a negative impact on Savage’s plan.And how old are they since they’ve been time travelling for over two years. Huh. Time travelling is confusing.


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