Scorpion S02E22: Hard Knox Review


Highlights: This episode kicks off with Walter looking uncomfortable during his date*he was actually having fun, i’m probably not used to him smiling*vlcsnap-2016-04-12-23h27m06s83.png

I was excited about this episode because they were going to steal*don’t judge me, i thought it would be like ocean’s eleven or takers or something*. Unfortunately, it was like a normal scorpion episode. Government assignment–>it seems impossible but they have a plan–>something unexpected happens–>they think super fast because they’re geniuses–>problem solved–>assignment complete. On the other hand the “hey would you help me” lawyers wins his first case with Ralph (his professor stole his work)*happy for him.  Walter decides to break up with his girlfriend as she doesn’t really like him*according to Toby’s scientific explanation* then Paige agrees to go out with Tom because she thinks Walter and his girlfriend are getting along.


Oh I almost forgot! Toby is going to ask Happy to marry him, he sneakingly gets her ring size. Do you think she’ll say yes. I have a feeling she might run. I’m happy for them.


I hope scorpion will do something that will make me go “yes! this is why i’m still watching”. These episodes feel repetitious I might have to stop watching…if i can though. But Toby’s future proposal is a reason


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