Lucifer S01E11: St Lucifer Review

Highlights: Lucifer is feeling righteous after turning drunk Chloe and wants to feel the high from his good deed again so he does a bunch good deeds*including giving a suspect his clothes and walking about naked* still doesn’t get the same high.vlcsnap-2016-04-12-17h36m23s33.png

Lucifer is still not on talking terms with Maz so she goes in search for a friend.

these two had a fun night.

Amenadiel’s plans to have Malcolm shoot Lucifer falls through*he ended up making a deal with the devil*hmm..I didn’t foresee that. I’m happy they didn’t make us wait till the end of the season for that though. Hope we won’t be seeing Malcolm. Much to Lucifer’s avail, he still ended up getting shot that night and he didn’t die. Good news, turns out Chloe makes him vulnerable. Aww! What does dad have in mind for Lucifer, why does it always have to be a girl that causes such. Back to Malcolm i think he was  stupid*an angel promises you escape from hell if you commit murder, something doesn’t sound right there*








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