Gotham S02E17: Wrath of the Villains: Into the Woods

Jim Gordon goes in search for who framed him, he and Harvey think its a cop*well there’re almost there*. They find a voice recording that led to the reopening of the Galavan case. Since the voice was disguised Jim decides to ask for help*guess who*


Ed Nygma is obviously trying to do a bad job cleaning the recording since he made the call but Jim still figures out it was Nygma all along *Finally! I actually thought would take him longer to find out* Jim escapes him and comes up with a plan to expose him, which was successful*thanks to Selena and Bruce*


Alfred gives Bruce an ultimatum; find out what your dad was up to or continue your experiment in the streets. He chooses to stay home*sneaky Alfred* Selena’s gone back to being mad at him. Penguin finds out his father was poisoned and he’s make to his evil self*I think he’s more evil considering he cooked his siblings and fed them to their mum*


Dr Hugo released Barbara and the first place she goes to is Jim’s. I really liked it when she was in a coma. I don’t get her place. It seems everything is back to normal for Gotham; Jim is back, Penguin is back and Bruce is researching his parents death.



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