Vampire diaries s07e17: Went to the Woods

Previously, the phoenix stone was destroyed which means all the vampires trapped I the  stone are now free to enter the next available  but the vampire in Stefan’s body  isn’t Stefan (Rayna Cruz stabbed him in the last episode) well this should be fun. Alaric and Valerie are looking for how to put Stefan back in his body but Rayna wants to put the vampire in Stephan down, who will get to him first…turns out the vamp in Stefan is a serial killer. Damon goes to look for the real Stefan who is trapped in a drunk’s body who is wanted. Although Stefan is freezing cold and suffering from withdrawal symptoms he uses the opportunity to tell his big bro that he is selfish*i’m sure he doesn’t care


I don’t really get Matt’s role anymore*probably to cause trouble*.This dude in Stefan’s body just reminds me of Silas.

silas st.png


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