Scandal s05e17: Thwack

Annd! Andrew is back!


So the whole team involved with the Andrew scandal gather to look for a solution. Apparently Abby has taken Olivia’s spot as the president’s lead adviser.

scandal team.png

Olivia also goes to her dad and Jake for help who tell her killing Andrew is the best option. Anyway Andrew doesn’t want to be handled quietly of course so President Grant decides to take the blame for the team and Olivia is too busy trying to handle memories of her kidnapping to think straight when Abby comes to her for advice on President’s plan. Abby finally realizes Olivia her “best friend” doesn’t see her as an equal (*she should have known that since) Olivia tells Abby she can come and work for her when she can’t find a job #when your friend thinks she’s better than you


Abby calms down and tries to show Olivia they are equals by coming up with a plan that  keeps her and the President in the clear but leaving Mellie to take all the heat which is very bad for Olivia as shes Mellie’s campaign manager#bad plan Red, didn’t Liv teach you better.


Liv doesn’t take Abby’s plan well (Abby also told revoked her white house clearance). Liv gathers up her traumatic self and finds another way into the white house and tries to make a deal with Andrew. Andrew feels he’s in a position of power and taunts Liv. I guess he shouldn’t have provoked a woman he scorned. Anyway I’m not surprised committed murder in an angry or violent way. She should have seen a therapist because she hadn’t handled her emotional issues with the kidnapping.  Did she know she would kill him though. I think this Liv’s character has lost herself I’m confused it’s like she’s a shell. Is that just me or that’s what the writers want.

killer liv.png


When a father is proud because you’re like him nowWhen a father is proud because you're like him now

Alex Vargas found out Cyrus may have planned the Franky Vargas shooting and decides to recruit an ally.





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