Quantico S01E17: Care


Alex is openly and subtly flirting with Perales, The NATs find out Ryan is their new tutor which sets Alex of her “i am the best” attitude. the Bureau wants to terminate the Amin twins project, Alex and Caleb convince Shelby to meet her parents. This NAT’s assessment is to get through the border without passports, this should be fun. The Amin twins use the opportunity to prove that they are useful to the Bureau even though Miranda isn’t available to support them, they end up winning. So they won’t be leaving.


Caleb and Shelby go to meet Shelby’s parents and she is really forgiving for someone who found out her parents faked their death and have been conning her since. She’s probably just happy their alive. Caleb finds out her parents just met with her because they wanted more money. Awful people don’t even love their daughter. Caleb makes  a deal to pay them off in return for them to never contact Shelby. Back to school, Caleb offers Shelby a ride on his private jet*how does Caleb have $5M and access to a private jet*He’s such a nice friend or boyfriend why did Shelby have an affair with his father*


After Alex and Perales failed first attempt, these to decided to hike their way around the border. Leading them to spend the night in a house in the woods which was a good moment for him to tell her she’s distracting to him*i don’t need to tell you what happened, you know Alex*.  Oh I forgot Alex also complained to Ryan when she was stuck. She really things she has a hold on her tutors.


Lets not forget how these two reached the border.


In the present day Simon and Alex find the voice wants Will Olsen for “the plan” and we find Shelby driving the van that picks up Simon and Will*I don’t think Shelby is the voice, hmm*


Who do you think is the voice, leave your comments below.


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