Once upon a time s05e16: Our Decay

OUAT stage is…weird

OUAT stage is horrible.png

Selena and Hades enjoying bike ride…is…weird…love but Hades seems uncomfortable during the love scenes (it might just be me) and Hades love for Selena is the reason for the storybrooke look does that mean he plans to kill her to. Ok, I’m insinuating

Selena n hades enjoyin byk ride.png

Okay so i’m back to wondering why I’m watching this series? The story has been all over the place, I just don’t get Hades and Selena story (but believe m., I’m happy Selena has someone, but I don’t believe Hades is in love with*I’m sure he probably does but something doesn’t fit. Oh and snow and charming remebered that they had another child*really happy for them, does anyone think Emma doesn’t really care about her baby bro. theres just no sibling bond*forgive me it may be the age difference between them


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