Once upon a time S05E14: Devil’s Due

Who ever thought Neil’s mum  (aka Rumples first wife and Hook’s former lover) would return to OUAT.  I wonder where this goes.


Moving on, at this moment I feel like i’m watching Percy Jackson


This episode was a drag but my best moment was when Rumple introduced Emma to Milah, how would you treat a woman that has slept with your ex and your son and has a child with your son.  Rumple has been waiting for this moment. Ha!


Emma finally evaluating the loves in her life:  “OMG I’m weird”



Milah decides to help rescue Hook but Rumple throws her in the sea of lost souls#sad. Rumple, rumple, when will you learn not to make the deal with the devil. You should know better. I will be happy when what you did to Milah blows back on your face why does she always suffer in Rumple’s hands.  Hahah. Rumple’s deal with Hades blew back against him, that didn’t take long unfortunately it involves Belle as well. Aww..belle is pregnant.

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