Arrow s04e18: Eleven-Fifty Nine

Oh so finally we know why they’ve been showing us the’s the same idol then and now.


So, team arrow knows Malcolm is working with Darhk and is trying to get his idol back and Andy Diggle “helps” the team secure it. Oliver suspects Andy is playing them and decides to question him, unfortunately, John walks in on the interrogation and dismisses Oliver*Uh oh. I hope Oliver is right, this will really damage their friendship if its not.


Malcolm retrieves the idol but there is a piece missing and John tells Andy he hid it. There’s a problem at the prison and team arrow goes to help. Malcolm and Thea continue their complicated father-daughter relationship issues while the rest of the team encounters Damien Darhk. Andy gives him the missing piece and Darhk ends up stabbing Laurel.


Oliver manages to get Laurel to the hospital, and as she recover, she tells him that she has always loved him but she hopes he finds his way back to Felicity. But sadly, she passes away a few minutes later.


OH NO! I knew they were going to kill a main character, but what did Laurel ever do to you! It is so sad. And I really like her, I mean I didn’t like her when she was dating Oliver, I didn’t like any girl he dated because I always wanted him and Felicity to get together,but her character was beginning to make sense! I’m so sad. I didn’t see this coming, she said her final goodbye to Oliver, who will keep the team together now. I will definitely miss her.




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