The Flash “Godspeed”

Sad day for Nora West Allen in this episode. Even though I’m not a fan of her, I can’t help but sympathize with her as her biggest hero is disappointed in her. To be honest Barry is going to make a great dad. He knows how to give a punishment that will hurt. What do you think Nora will do next?

I hope we can see more of Barry the rest of the season as the focus has been on baby Nora.

Empire “Never Doubt I Love”

The only thing I was thinking about during this episode was “Stop Cookie, Stop!” I’m happy Lucious and Kingsley are trying to get along. And I don’t blame Cookie for being upset about his existence but it was before they even got together, it will still hurt I know.

But using it as an excuse to spend time with Damon cross is just a nightmare in the making. She obviously wants him which is why emotional cheating seems worse sometimes. Yes all cheating is bad but this will hurt so much more.

Well till next week then!